Naturally fermented in wooden barrels

Daily staple from Japan to the world Nowadays, miso has become a food that can be easily found anywhere in the world. However, did you know that there are nearly countless various in miso just like wine and cheese? Let’s briefly touch upon the basic knowledge of miso, followed by introducing a miso maker in Aichi prefecture where insists on natural fermentation only since 1928. History of miso It is believed miso was delivered by monks from China along with Buddhism in 7 th century. The very first record of miso was ‘Taiho Code( 大宝令 ) ’ , which was published in 701.  Miso was a delicacy consumed only by the nobility and monks in Heian period (8 th – 12 th century), but it naturally spread out to the commoners thanks to diversifying ingredients as well as improving on a manufacturing skill. The early days of Noda Miso (1928) Diversity of miso There are basically near-infinite types of miso, but it can still be divided into 3 different types i